The Gift of Hope


St. Anne's Center, Grandma's House


Every year over 600 women walk through the doors of Life Choices, a non-profit that provides women and families with necessities like diapers, clothing, preliminary medical services, and emotional support.  These women are referred to Life Choices
from private or government agencies, through word of mouth, or sometimes by chance. Defeat and hopelessness emanating from their eyes, some of the women who come to Life Choices are living with domestic violence, sleeping in cars, or wandering from friend to friend. They seek a safe haven, but lack the resources and information needed to break the cycle of desperation.


A Helping Hand Up


St Anne's Center will not only provide a safe home, but also rehabilitation and child-care. Women will be offered a specialized caring approach that recognizes their individuality through a personalized plan based on their situation in life.  Our staff includes licensed medical professionals for counseling as well as volunteer mentors..


Real Opportunities for Growth and Independence

Employment and/ or enrollment in an educational program will be a requirement for all residents. Life Choices will use its business network to help those in need of employment. 


Safety & Health

Safe and comfortable surroundings,
Mentors available to encourage and help,
Access to prenatal care, Phones in every room in case of emergencies.


Your business is yours alone.  We respect that!   Complete confidentiality.

Living Areas

There are 14 private rooms available as well as shared kitchens, a craft room, an  exercise room, library, chapel and availability of shared computers and comfortable living rooms.

Average Day

Enjoy parenting.

You'll live in a safe, clean, beautiful home!  Pursue career and employment goals as you work toward independence.


Enjoy hobbies, meet good life-long friends,

Establish a healthy happy life-style!

Life Skills

Set your own goals!
Work on things like: time management, meal planning, health and nutrition, budgeting,conflict resolution, job searching, interview and resume skills., While living in a beautiful  comfortable maternity home in Phillipsburg

St Anne's Center, Grandma's House in Phillipsburg

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